Office & SharePoint App Development
  • Hosted Apps for Office 2013 & Office 365 using Office.js
  • Add-Ins for Word, Excel, PowerPoint using VSTO
  • Migration of legacy solutions to Office 365 App Model
  • Apps, WebParts & Dashboards for SharePoint 2013
Windows App Development
  • Windows 8 and Desktop Apps that integrate with Office 2013 & Office 365
  • Apps that integrate with OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, GoogleDocs and other cloud platforms
Consulting for Businesses
  • Office 365 setup for small companies
  • Office 365 & SharePoint development consulting
  • Intranet, extranet, CMS and collaboration solutions consulting

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Our design philosphy



Users expect simple solutions for complex problems. Design for unexperienced users first. Offer simple and safe actions while letting them explore features in detail as they use the app. Instead of oversimplifying the problem, try to simplify the solution.


Users usually don't read manuals. Provide tool-tips with keyboard shortcuts and context-related help. Include previews and walkthroughs. Also make it easy to disable all proactive help. Provide a full and versioned documentation on- and offline.


Use different screens for beginners and experienced users and allow for easy switching between these views. Actions and customizations should be reversible using known concepts like undo, back, factory reset, and command lists.



Our main goal is to enable people to work as fast as they think. Innovative solutions do more with less. Make deep domain specific knowledge, years of experience and complex mental models accessible to the unexperienced user as simple executable actions and predefined tasks & configurations.

Does the impossible

Impress users by simplifying their most complex and time-consuming tasks. Measure your solutions value by the amount of complexity it reduces, the errors it eliminates and the time it saves the user.

Always just works

Reliability is the result of a carefully designed architecture that expects the unexpected. Weird usage patterns or inputs should never break your app. Focus on data consistence and safe transactions. Help your users understand your apps inner workings.



Let interested users gain additional knowledge about the problems context and alternative solutions. Link to resources that add value: cheat-sheets, tutorials, articles. Help the user become an educated professional by explaining terms, definitions, concepts and best practices.


Offer saving and loading of configurations wherever possible. Allow users to edit, export and import configuration files. Always use encryption for personal data. Remember last used context information: directories, filenames, options, user input and selections.


Provide free demos, documentation and tutorials. Make sure customers can try before buy. Use multi-tier pricing models to allow users to up- and downgrade as their needs change.

Our development process


Know the problem

Begin with the design when you fully understand what problem is to be solved. Break tasks down until they become sharp and clear. Write a mission statement.


Design it 100%

Changes can become costly afterwards. Deliver a consistent and detailed design & functional specification to key users and developers and discuss alternatives early.


Functional prototype

Focus on functionality and operational stability. Users will forgive an imperfect UI but not crashes and failures. Make it reliable even at the cost of skipping features.


Test while you code

There is no “We’ll fix it afterwards.” Develop new features only if you finished all tests and fixed all known critical bugs. Establish a One-Click-Release process early.


Document user feedback

Go to key users and observe how they use your product without training. Write down questions, problems, feature ideas & changes. Create a usability report and a final product specification.


Finalize the product

Finalize features and documentation. Create a site for documentation, help and user feedback. Update the backlog for further releases. Build attention before the final release.

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