Easy time tracking for Excel users

If you already use Excel and you're looking for a simple time tracking tool, this is made for you. It's a robust and easy-to-use Excel solution that does what most commercial time tracking tools do: track your teams worktime and project costs.

No setup, login or internet required. It works completely offline, add-in and macro-free. Just 100% plain Excel. Use it for your daily work, for commercial or non-commercial projects. Or as the basis for a customized solution to be used in your company. It's completely free!

You need something more advanced? We also offer customization and integration services and even custom solution development.

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Only two Excel workbooks

One personal workbook for each user and a mastersheet for team leaders.

Worktime balances

See your staff's overtime and check completeness of worktime entries at one glance.

Track project costs

Check project budgets and see total internal and external (chargeable) project costs.

Designed for freelancers

Use the project cost control features of the single sheet version and even track coworker absences.

Designed for teams

Use the mastersheet to see all aggregated data: project cost, overtime and staff absences.

Track team availability

See who is when available and keep track of your staff's leave accounts. Customizable national and school holidays.

International and localizable

Designed to run in 22+ languages. Date/Number formats and national/school holidays can be changed.

Fully extendable

No hidden/locked cells. Change calculations, add sheets, columns and rows as you like.

Designed to scale

Manage up to 190 projects and 64 team members.

Personal Timesheet

[Timesheet screenshot 1]
[Timesheet screenshot 2]
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  • Team members use personal workbooks that contain one timesheet for each month.
  • Monthly worktime is a table with projects as rows and days as columns
  • Weekends, national holidays, absences and school vacations are shown in different colors
  • Daily working hours and overtime are shown at the bottom
  • Optimized for printout

Team Absences & Leaves

[Absences screenshot 1]
[Absences screenshot 2]
[Absences screenshot 3]
  • Included in both, personal workbook (you and your coworkers) and mastersheet (the whole team)
  • Absences are shown red, non-workdays will be displayed with different color formatting
  • Absence periods can be entered using start and end days
  • Net leave days will be automatically calculated by substracting national holidays and weekends
  • Total leave days can be overwritten per employee and per year
  • National and school holidays can be entered at a single single location in the calendar

Worktime Balance & Projects

[Projects screenshot 1]
[Projects screenshot 2]
[Projects screenshot 3]
  • Personal Overview: Monthly worktime balances are shown left, project table with monthly attribution the right
  • Budget check: project turns red if total cost is over budget
  • Designed for freelancers and contractors: separate columns for internal cost and chargeable amount
  • Projects can be managed as a simple list in the 'Company Data' sheet

The Mastersheet

[Mastersheet screenshot 1]
[Mastersheet screenshot 2]
[Mastersheet screenshot 3]
[Mastersheet screenshot 4]
  • Aggregates all data from the personal workbooks
  • Contains an overview over external and internal projects
  • Shows the whole teams worktime balances in a table
  • Team leaders can check the current months worktime entries for each team member

Download & Documentation

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Single Workbook Version (2MB)
For teams Full Version (20MB)

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