Check out the first release of our free time tracking tool.

Excel Time Tracking Screenshot

It comes packed with the following features:

  • one personal workbook for each user and a mastersheet for team leaders
  • a monthly timesheet where users can enter their daily work hours on a per-project basis
  • a personal overview sheet that shows a users worktime balance and their current project costs
  • a sheet showing team absences and leaves where you can enter your and your coworkers leaves
  • the mastersheet aggregates the team members worktime data, calculates project costs and shows worktime balances
    • The macro-free version can be used in high security environments
    • The macro version of the mastersheet has a fully automated data import
  • Runs in 22+ languages. Date/Number formats and national/school holidays can be changed.
  • No hidden/locked cells. Change calculations, add sheets, columns and rows as you like.

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Karsten Held

Karsten Held

I am an Office addict since 1997. I help people unlocking the potential of Microsoft Office and SharePoint to organize their daily work and automate processes whereever possible.